4 Great Ideas For Helping

Did you know that the way to actually helping kids with ADHD lies in your hands, heart and mind, as a parent? Forget the Ritalin and all the other powerful mind altering drugs. Ask the British government what it thinks of child behavior programs given that it has dedicated public funds for teaching parenting skills. It isn't rocket science nor even brain surgery! Here are a few simple ideas to follow in helping kids with ADHD.

1. One way to help with ADHD is to make sure your kid knows the routine. Routine helps in breaking down tasks (see below) but it also prevents nasty surprises and the kid knows what is going to happen next. This is important because if he or she lives in a chaotic home, then you can forget about expecting them to do certain chores in the house, such as putting away toys, and so on. How can the child who has difficulty focusing and following sequences, realize that things go in a certain place or certain tasks can be done in a certain order. It all needs to be written down. Charts are great and should be on the fridge door or in the child's bedroom. They can make helping kids with ADHD much easier and less time consuming.

2. How do give instructions ? Talking rapidly or throwing them at your child ? Best thing to is get their attention by calling them aside by their name, talking quietly and making sure you keep eye contact. Why? Simple. In ADHD there is a minor imbalance in the neurotransmitters which govern their attention span, focus and ability to concentrate. There is also sensory interference which can distract a child from even the simplest task.This means we should also break down the instructions into small, doable steps. In addition to helping kids with ADHD, it might also help the parents too who may have ADHD themselves.

3. How much praise ? What is your feedback like on good behaviours ? Barely mentioned or lavishly praised? The latter preferably because we want to concentrate on reinforcing good behaviours and relegating bad behaviours to the bottom of the list although the kid's behavior may actually be the opposite ! Be specific about WHAT you are praising, that is, it is a specific task the child has done. 'I really liked the way you put your shoes away', rather than a vague 'Good girl'.How do you praise your child apart from rewards or bonuses ? A quick hug or affectionate physical gesture is recommended by the experts as a positive way of helping kids with ADHD.