5 Ways To Help Kids In Australia

In Australia, 1 in 7 children are living in disadvantage and do not have access to the same educational, health or life opportunities that many of us enjoy and often take for granted, says the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Without support, the disadvantage they experience today is likely to continue into adulthood - and on to the next generation.

Many of these children come from diverse backgrounds - some from parents who grew up in disadvantaged homes, but recently, with rising unemployment rates and the economic downturn, there are many Australian families whose lives have been touched by disadvantage for the first time.

But there are 5 simple ways you can help kids overcome disadvantage with The Smith Family:

1. Sponsor a child. For less than $1 a day, you can provide a disadvantaged child with financial assistance, educational opportunities and access to a personal support network.

2. Volunteer. Join more than 6,500 people and volunteer your time and skills with The Smith Family. You can help kids with their homework, supervise a learning group, become a student mentor, or help with logistics and administration. The Smith Family offers plenty of ways to volunteer.

3. Donate money. Make a monthly pledge or a generous once-off donation to support The Smith Family as they help kids achieve their best in life.

4. Business partnerships. Colgate-Palmolive and Officeworks are just a few of the companies partnering with The Smith Family to help end the cycle of disadvantage. To see how your business can get involved, visit The Smith Family

5. Spread the word. Talk to your family, friends, boss and co-workers about the issue of disadvantage, and get them involved. By creating local awareness, you can help kids reach their potential, as well as support hundreds of families in Australia.

By: The Smith Family