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A Driveway Alarm: Saving Children's Lives   by Steve Strong

in Other    (submitted 2008-02-16)

Unpleasant incidents can happen to anyone, anytime! But, the true wisdom lies in knowing how to tackle them so as to minimize the loss of life as well as property. A driveway alarm is an ideal product for those, who put the security of kids and house above anything else in their life. A driveway alarms has a sensor that monitors the areas around your house, especially the entrances and exits. The driveway alarm would alert you in case someone intrudes from the backyard of the house. It alerts you if someone approaches your property or your driveway, and thus saves your family from facing an untoward incident.

There is a huge variety of driveway alarms available in the market to suit your specific requirements. The recent models of driveway alarms are completely wireless, and are equipped with an advanced range of sensors to enable you detect any suspicious motion. In fact, it is an ideal product to manage a big house. For example, the wireless version of driveway alarm can monitor upto 2 miles of area around your house. In addition, you get a Walkie Talkie that can be used for effective supervision of the house or business property.

Driveway alarm is an enhanced security measure that you must take to ensure you and your family complete peace of mind. Moreover, it's very simple to install a driveway alarm and avail its wide range of benefits. Other than ensuring your safety, a driveway alarm can be used to notify when your guests reach your driveway. It can effectively dissuade unwanted people by activating its siren, alarms or lights. You can even install it outside your house and be informed when someone reaches your premises. You also have an option to go for wired magnetic probes, which disrupt the movement of vehicles by creating a magnetic field on your driveway.

You should get a right type of driveway alarm installed by an expert. This would help you ensure complete safety and peace of mind. Therefore, it is important to first take a closer look of your specific needs, and decide which driveway alarm to go for. While a hose type of driveway alarm alerts you about the movement of cars and heavy vehicles, a magnetic probe will only be identifying metallic vehicles. Then, you can choose a wireless beam as well, which can identify people as well as metallic vehicles. So, first of all you should decide the type of driveway alarm and match it with your requirements.

Next, you should pay attention to identify the construction of your home. Remember, the choice of a driveway alarm would be greatly influenced if you have a mobile home, or the one with steel or aluminum siding. So, observe and discuss it with the driveway alarm expert and take the decision accordingly. If your house has any transformers close by, their presence may interfere with the transmission of the signal. For example, if there is an electric fence around your house, you can use the DWA 5 model in this case.

Therefore, you should first know which type of driveway alarm is suitable for you. There are certain features that you can keep in mind while choosing a driveway alarm model:

* Signal Detection range up to 2 miles

* Wired or wireless installation

* Voice message

* Doorbell chimes

* Separate tones for separate areas of detection

* Cameras to monitor risk-prone areas

* With or Without a Fence

A driveway alarm provides you with complete security at very nominal price. Sometimes, the decision to install a driveway could be the decision to choose happy or tragic life.