A Piano Dealer Can Help Kids Succeed In Life

Most parents want their kids to be successful in all areas of life but few realize that their local piano dealer can be one of the keys to this. Moms and Dads hire tutors, enroll their children in the best schools and grill them on math facts and vocabulary words. While there are benefits to this rote type of learning and attending high quality schools, buying sons and daughters musical instruments such as the piano can be even more beneficial. Here are some reasons why spending some time and money at the local piano dealer can enrich a child's mind and life:

- Builds concentration: In order to learn how to play a musical instrument such as a piano, kids must learn to concentrate. They have to sit down and focus on an array of components such as small motor control, sound recognition and learning to read notes and scales. Hearing the musical results emerge as they develop their concentration abilities can be much more rewarding than remembering that 1+1=2.

- Increases confidence: As a child learns to move his or her fingers along the keys to produce simply melodies, confidence will expand. Building on the skills of being able to play with the right hand and then adding the left hand in accompaniment can be quite thrilling.

- Fine motor control: Manipulating the black and white keys with first one hand then both hands is an excellent way to enhance fine motor control. Adding the foot to the mix via the pedals further improves youngsters' mental and physical coordination.

- Musical knowledge base: Once a child begins to take piano lessons, he or she will expand his or her knowledge base regarding musical theory as well as historical details about musicians over time. This historical overview along with the practical aspects of what goes into producing music will increase brain power and a foundation of knowledge which will come in handy throughout life. They will never listen to their i-Pods in the same way.

- Math and music are linked: Musical and mathematical cognitive abilities are linked. Studies have proven that music lessons lead to higher math scores. Both piano playing and math calculations require a child to count, use logic, and to sequence. Studies have also shown that certain types of music, such as classical tunes, actually stimulate a child's brain.

- Helps with social skills: Being able to play a musical instrument helps children with their social skills. Not only does the increased confidence from knowing how to play the piano spill over into other areas of life, it becomes something kids have in common with other budding musicians. Performing in recitals with classmates, playing songs for their friends and family and even joining an impromptu band or choir will all cement social ties and build bonds with others.