Amber Alert Saves Childrens Lives

Do you know what the Amber Alert is? Do you know when it was put into effect? Do you know how this amazing alert started? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on.

In our society a tragedy has to happen before there are any changes made. In this case, the Amber Alert, a child had to die before this fantastic system was set into motion.

In January 1966 a typical nine year old girl was riding her bicycle on her grandparent's street with her younger brother. These children were riding their bikes and having a great time. Unfortunately, a man in a black pick up truck pulled up along side the nine year old girl and abducted her. Her body was found four days later. This little girls name was Amber Hagerman.

During the first few critical hours of the search a citizen called a local radio station and suggested they repeat news bulletins every few minutes just like it was a weather forecast.

Ambers mother was very active in the start of the Amber Alert system that was put into effect in July 1977 in Dallas, Texas. The Amber Alert simply put is to recover abducted children as fast as possible.

This alert system is computers interacting at great rates of speed has grown by leaps and bounds and is now in every state of the union.

When a child has been abducted the purpose of the Amber Alert is:

(1) Collect information about the child and abductor and rush it to the television/radio stations.

(2) For viewers of television and radio to receive this information and be on alert.

(3) Force the kidnapper to release the child without harm and as quickly as possible.

(4) Making a would be kidnapper think twice before abducting a child. The Amber Alert is cancelled after 24 hours or when the child has been found.

The Amber Alert is a wonderful tool to help law enforcement reach the consumer masses in a matter of minutes. It saves children's lives, we need to know all the information available.


(1) The child must be 17 years old or younger.