Bean Bag Chairs Help Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by a wide range of developmental disorders. It affects as many as 1 out of every 150 children. Parents of children with autism can employ many different strategies to help improve their child's behavior and mood. One way of helping to treat a child with autism or with other intellectual disabilities is to make use of a bean bag chair. A bean bag chair is soft, comfortable, and is able to apply equal press across your child's whole body. This can help to calm a child down when they begin to show signs of aggression or may consider harming them self or others. A bean bag chair can also be used as an exercise aid.

When choosing a bean bag chair, the first consideration is size. They range in size from as little as three fit all the way up to eight feet. One of the most popular sizes is six feet wide and allows your child to be completely immersed in it and is comfortable for them to use when watching television.

Bean bag chairs are available in a series of colors and textures. One of the most popular fabric choices is microfiber suede. It's soft and plush which is great for all children, especially for children with autism.

There use extends past just being a piece of furniture. One exercise you can do is to allow the child to pick up the bean bag chair and move it from one room to the next. This is dependent upon the size and weight of the beanbag chair, but doing so will help to work out the child's motor muscles. Another exercise is to allow the child to sit in the bean bag chair and apply pressure to the sides of the chair as to simulate a cocoon. This kind of exercise applies deep pressure touch which can be benefits for autistic children who are prone to violent movements (also known as "crashers"). It enables the child to become less sensitive to touch and prevents any opportunities for the child to hurt himself during the process. Regardless of the exercise, it is important to explain the nature of the exercise and doing it for a specified amount of time.

With the many features and benefits of a beanbag chair, buying one which provides the comfort and affordability necessary to meet your needs is crucial. Comfy Sacks has bean bag chairs in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Instead of being filled with beans, they are filled with a proprietary blend of shredded polyurethane foam. This guarantees that it will be soft, and durable for years to come.

By: John Tucks