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Clean Water Around The World

It's unbelievable how many clean water charities there are in the United States. Americans are very generous because they help countries all over the world have better water. It makes me proud to live in this country.

Organizations like the Red Cross have provided clean water for underdeveloped countries for decades. This is a great way for those with clean water to share their resources and help out others in need.

The only problem is that we assume our water is perfectly clean and healthy. On the contrary, our water supply isn't nearly as clean as many of us think it is. Tax dollars flood city governments to provide clean water and while they do clean it up to an extent, it is not thorough enough.

Chlorine and fluoride are dumped into the water supply. In addition, there are a lot of toxins not filtered out, such as pharmaceuticals, pathogenic bacteria, mercury and other heavy metals. This poses a serious question. With all that tax money, why isn't the water filtered better before it reaches the tap?

If we took a small portion of the dollars that go to these wealthy charities and used it at home, we could have cleaner water too. Since that's not a likely solution, it's a good idea to research how you can take matters into your own hands and provide clean water for yourself and your family.