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Clean Water Filter

Clean drinking water filters can be the answer to many problems. For example, consider the beautiful island nation of Fiji. It was devastated last year with severe tropical storms, which among many other things caused the polluting of much of the island's water supply. Fortunately, the nonprofit group Give Clean drinking Water, which began in 2008, along with help from its network of donors and volunteers and another nonprofit group called the Fiji Water Foundation, was able to install more than a thousand clean and water filters in homes and other buildings all across Fiji, helping over seventy-five hundred people get clean water that they otherwise wouldn't have had.

This access to clean drinking water helped prevent an outbreak of several diseases, including typhoid and E. coli, and helped prevent a great deal of death. Similar groups are working all over the world to give clean liquid filters to people who are suffering from overwhelming poverty so they too may have drinkable water. The United Nations has even declared March 22 to be World Water Day, an annual observance of the pressing need for more access to clean water all over the Earth.