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Cleaning Your Fresh Water Aquariums

All fresh water fish aquariums need to be properly cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on how large your aquarium is, cleaning it could be a job that may take several hours to accomplish.

Before you get started there are a couple of tools you are going to need.

Scouring pads Bleach or preferred cleansing product Razor blade (for tough algae spots) Bucket for water moving Glass cleaner Water Siphon or water pump Filter brushes Towels for clean up

You first need to move your fresh water fish to a temporary home while you clean the tank. This may be a secondary tank, individual cups or containers, or even a bucket. Once the fish are safely moved out of the tank, remove any decorations or foliage you may have in the tank. If you have a lot of algae build up, this is the time you want to scrape that off with the razor blade. Don't wait until you clear out the water otherwise it is a big mess to clean up. Next you want to remove all of the water from the tank. For the larger fresh water fish aquariums a water siphon and pump will make this job much easier and time efficient, otherwise you will have to scoop out the water in buckets.