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Drinking Enough Clean Water Produces Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss occurs in our body when the liver convert stored fat into usable energy. Drinking enough clean water allows the liver to naturally accomplish this ... causing our body to lose weight.

This biochemical fact applies to all of us.

How do we acquire excess fat in our body?

Nutrients are absorbed through our intestines. Carbohydrates and sugars are absorbed and processed more quickly than any other nutrients. Water is a necessary ingredient for the absorption process.

If we do not drink enough water... carbohydrates and sugars are absorbed and the other nutrients are just passed through our body without absorption... and the carbs and sugars are converted into fat and stored.

The body then calls for more nutrients ... since none have been absorbed ... causing us to eat more. If we eat more without drinking enough clean water.... the cycle continues and we gain weight. Drinking enough clean water will allow the intestines to absorb all of the nutrients we take in.. not just the carbs and sugars .. balancing the body's need for nutrients.. thus lowering the "craving"we get to eat.

The liver's main activity is to filter out wastes.. in conjunction with the kidneys... with water being the key ingredient in this function. If we do not drink enough clean water .. the liver has to spend more time filtering out the impurities we take in through the water ... such as chlorine, lead, agricultural and industrial contaminants..... and not have enough reserve to convert fat into energy.

Making sure the water we drink is clean will increase the capacity of the liver to convert the fat into energy.. naturally causing our body to lose weight.

So it is a cycle that is completely dependent on water to function in its full capacity.

Drinking enough clean water causes all of the nutrients to be absorbed through the intestines..not just the carbohydrates and sugars....which keeps our body in balance nutirionally. This cuts down on the body sending out signals that it is lacking in nutrients.. signals that come to us as "cravings".. causing us to eat more...causing more fats to be stored in the body.

Drinking enough clean water frees the liver up to do the work it is meant to do..filtering the toxins out of our body without the added stress of those added toxins taken in from the water we drink .. thus having the added capacity it is meant to have... to convert stored fat into energy... naturally causing weight loss.