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Fresh Water Fishing - Night Fishing   by Ethan

in Outdoors / Fishing    (submitted 2010-12-26)

Fresh water fishing at night requires the calmness of the night and stillness in the air to reflect in your personality and movements. You need to blend in. You are out there on the banks or even better out in your boat and you can hear the frogs, crickets and every now and then a splash or roll or water out in the darkness somewhere. It's great when you are sitting or standing there with your buddies and you hear a big splash. You all may talk fast in a quite tone of voice careful not to disturb the night.

Fresh water fishing at night you can catch a variety of fish. Crappie, trout, bass. I personally enjoy crappie the best when fishing at night. Don't ask me why, I just do, although I must say it's great when you nail a 32" lake trout. Use insects, worms, and small crayfish and minnows for your bait. These types of live bait work great for catching trout and fresh water bass also. You can use artificial bait or fake imitation bait. Lures, rubber worms, flies. Using these types of bait require more technique and more of a proper combination in relation to the line and reel that you are using. Again, remember at night you want to blend in and using artificial bait and lures you are going to have to be smooth an accurate.

So your almost all set, you know where you are going fishing, you have got your bait that you are using so now it's time to catch some fish. This is your Fresh Water Fishing at Night. secret. How about instead of hoping your in the right spot why not have the fish come to you? You can even collect your live bait with this strategy. See when you bring the fish to you, you start off with tiny almost microscopic bait. Now these little tiny plant like organisms then draw in fish or minnows, then the minnows attract larger fish and etc, etc