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Fresh Water in Household - Dont Be Deceived - Why You Need a Home Faucet Water Filter Now

In order to be certain of only having pure, fresh water in household systems, everyone needs to purchase a home faucet water filter system. A lot of us grossly underestimate the need for such an appliance in our homes. We either feel that the problem with contaminants in our reservoirs is exaggerated, or that we can rely on the technology used by the water treatment facilities to keep us safe.

If you are someone that subscribes to either on of those theories, then I have to tell you that people are wrong on both counts. There is a very real problem with contaminants in our water supply, to the tune of 80,000 or so chemicals, microbes, and toxic elements. More than 2,100 chemicals alone have been positively identified as cancer causing compounds.

You cannot depend on the water treatment facilities to be able to provide you with fresh water in household systems; what they refer to as water treatment technology is an absolute joke. The modern "technology" that the treatment facilities use was last considered "modern" more than 100 years ago.

The filters they are using are incapable of preventing almost anything from reaching your home.

The truth is that all the porous membrane filters the treatment facilities use are good for is removing particulates from your water. The basic purpose of the water treatment facilities today is exactly what it was a century ago, which is the demineralization of your drinking water. It is impossible for a demineralization filter to remove chemical compounds, or disease carrying microscopic organisms from your water.

I'll bet that you thought that all of the microscopic organisms in your water had been disposed of by the chlorine disinfection process your water was put through, but it is not unusual for some organisms to survive. This is just another reason for you to install a drinking water filter in your home to guarantee fresh water in household water systems.