Help Kids and Own Business

5 Children's Franchise Options: Help Kids and Own Your Own Business   by Bob Richman

in Business / Franchising    (submitted 2010-07-29)

A children's franchise can be particularly welcome to new business owners because parents everywhere want to lavish their children as best they can with the best products and services. A children's franchise has the advantage of being welcomed into any community and having its target demographic in every city and town in the country.

Pump It Up is a children's franchise that provides a safe play area for kids and families to spend time in. The facilities feature large inflatable bouncing toys and slides that give kids an interesting and energetic play experience. Every community has children, and those children needs places to have birthday parties, giving every community a built-in market that can use the facility every year. The business caters to families looking for a place to have a kid's birthday party. The company provides a comprehensive training program that includes classroom study to get franchise owners ready to run a safe and profitable business.

Bricks 4 Kidz uses Lego bricks to teach various concepts to children. It is a low-cost children's franchise that provides kids' classes and camps as well as being available for birthday parties. This business has the advantage of being educational, so it is welcomed by parents as a way of enriching their child's education. Franchise owners can also contract with the local schools to provide classes or to host birthday parties. The parent company provides a week of training that includes classroom training and hands-on experience.

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring is a business that provides a low-cost children's franchise to new business owners who want to work within the education industry. The business has the advantage of low start-up costs because it is a mobile business that can be taken to the child's hoe or even to local schools. Tutors can provide school subject help, enrichment subjects, study skills classes and standardized testing preparation. With its low overhead and the enormous need for academic tutors, the market for this service can make it extremely lucrative.

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids is a children's salon that provides a fun and exciting atmosphere for children who need a haircut or styling. The chain is growing faster than any other chain of children's salons, and it provides a memorable experience for kids that they are sure to want to repeat with each haircut. The salon also offers classes for kids and a kid's night out, providing franchise owners with multiple streams of income. The salons can take advantage of the $55 billion that is spent each year on hair care to bring in sizable profits.

Kumon Math and Reading Centers are tutoring facilities that help kids to get better grades, prepare for upcoming tests, study new subjects, improve study skills and keep from forgetting what they learned when summer comes. Tutoring centers are an enormous industry as parents seek to give their children an edge and prevent any academic problems from getting worse. Every school has kids who could benefit from a tutor, and Kumon can provide those services in any community.