How a Few Dollars a Month Could Help Save a Child From a Lifetime of Poverty

What can we buy for a dollar these days? Not very much here in the West, that's for sure. Yet there is one way to spend a little over a dollar a day, a few dollars a month, that will make a world of difference to another human being. In fact, that small sum can literally help save a child from a lifetime of poverty.

The deal is simple. If you sponsor a child through a children's charity, you change everything for that child at a single stroke. Sponsorship costs less than $40 a month. But the benefits of these few dollars a month to the child are beyond price. Sponsorship means that a child who once lived in desperate poverty and at constant risk from disease now has:

- proper nourishment, perhaps for the first time

- access to safe and clean drinking water

- regular health checks, with immunizations and medicines as needed

- a good education

- training in vital skills leading to future job opportunities

Those are just the practical benefits the child receives from your few dollars a month. In emotional terms, the sponsored child also has the joy of knowing that someone cares. The child is aware, because of this kind person, that he or she can now begin to thrive and to learn. Sponsors help save the child from a lifetime of poverty and say to a child: "I believe in you. You matter, now and in the future."

A child who once had to battle just to survive the day can begin to make plans for the months and years ahead. Education means the chance to escape the hideous trap of ignorance and a lifetime of poverty and to live a worthwhile, much happier life.

Christian children's charities do even more. They offer the child the chance to learn about Jesus and the Gospels. Thanks to the work of dedicated people and Christian ministries, the child is not only saved from a lifetime of poverty but also learns about God's love and how important children are to Him. The child learns that in God's eyes all children have equal value, whether they are rich or poor, beggar or king. They learn about salvation. This is sponsorship's spiritual gift.

There is a desperate need for sponsors to give just a few dollars a month and save children in the world's poorest countries from a lifetime of poverty. Statistics show that every day more than 21,000 children younger than 5 die, mostly from poverty-related causes. More than 400 million children have no access to clean, safe water. At least 270 million have no health care, with 2 million dying each year for lack of immunizations.