How To Create A Bear Factory Teddy Bear And Save Money

How to create a bear factory teddy bear and save money

Unless you've been living in a cave recently, you've probably noticed the popularity of bear making shops such as BuildABear and The Bear Factory. Kids seems to be going crazy over these shops, but the thing that shocks me is the price. Most of them hold in-shop parties with a cost of around £30 per child. If you're having a birthday party there, it works out at quite a lot for a few hours of entertainment.

Some new solutions have turned up recently allowing you to buy the bears and stuffed animals on-line so you can have the party at home. This shaves lots of the price of having a bear factory party in-shop. Using this method each child can cost you as little as £10 including a T-Shirt.

The bear kits differ slightly, that in order to make the bears at home, you won't have access to a mechanical stuffing machine, so you must stuff them yourself. It's not a problem as they have been modified to be child friendly no-sew and are stuffed and sealed via a simple Velcro back hatch.

There are a few simple steps to completing your teddy bear, here's how:

1) First you must pick a teddy bear or stuffed animal skin from the available selection.

2) Pick an outfit you'd like. Girls usually like princess outfits, and boys usually go for the superheroes.

3) When your kit arrives simple unpack the air-tight stuffing. You'll see this little pack expand you won't believe the amount of stuffing it actually contains.

4) Take your bear factory bear, put your fingers inside and make sure the arms, legs and body are expanded to allow the stuffing to be entered.

5) Start pulling bits of stuffing off and inserting into the bear. Make sure you push right in and reach the ends of the arms and legs. Keep on going until the stuffing starts to fill the main body.

6) If you have a voicebox, make some room with your fingers and insert it. Add a little more stuffing and seal the back of the bear using the Velcro strips.

7) Unpack the bear clothes and part the middle wide. Your bear should slip in nicely. Seal the back of the clothes using the Velcro strips.