How to Help Kids Grow Tall

All parents want the best for their children. Giving them the finest education possible, introducing them to sports, and even sending them to work shops. But the thing that parents concern the most is health. They teach their kids to eat right, take vitamins, exercise and stay away from pollution. Teaching them how to live a healthy life may be the best thing we can do for them. It is during the first few years of childhood when kids are easiest to teach.

When my son was 7 years old, he was the shortest one among his friends and classmates. The reason is that I'm not tall either. When I was a kid, I really experienced what it is to be short. People make fun of me, call me names, and I did not have many friends. It was horrible and I do not want that to happen to my son. This is the reason why I wanted to help kids grow tall.

When we observe something that we do not like in our body or in our personality, we tend to automatically blame our parents. We believe that genes are the main culprit on why we look different and that we can't do anything else about it.

Although genetics is one of the biggest factors in a child's height, parents should take advantage of a kid's growth potential. There are several ways to improve a person's height even if his parents are short. Here are some things that help kids grow tall:

SLEEP. When we were young, we were always told by our parents to sleep a lot so that we become tall. This is not a myth. The reason why sleep increases height is that our spine will be relieved from the pressure produced by the head. This allows our spine to grow and avoid contraction. Developing the spine alone through stretching increases a person's height as much as 3 inches. Models try to sleep as much as they can to increase their height and tone their muscles

Studies also suggest that sleep initiates the production of growth hormone. This hormone help kids grow tall.

STRETCH. Stretching is the best way to help kids grow tall. It is fun and doesn't have to cost you anything. In TV, we always see models and athletes stretch regularly. This form of exercise is ideal for kids to achieve their maximum growth potential. Stretching develops the spine and the muscles, thus, resulting to an increase in height. Learn the proper ways of stretching to help kids grow tall.