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How to Select Genuine Natural Fresh Water Pearls For Her

Pearls have a warm and lustrous outer colour that is irresistible to women. Their natural beauty and precious price tags make them the best gift option to gift to her on a special occasion like your 10th, 25th or 30th wedding anniversary or for as a wedding gift for your daughter or even for your new bride! Natural Fresh Water Pearls are rare and exquisite precious beads, which are perfect for your special lady. Natural or cultured fresh water pearls are formed inside the shell of living mollusk or other fresh water oysters. They are found deep under the dark oceans and are extremely rare in nature, usually centred in Bahrain now.

The cultured ones are cultivated in Japan or China. Natural Fresh water Pearls are beautiful beads that go well with formals, informal and evening dress and can be worn by woman of any age. Thus, it is a perfect gift for any woman that can be proudly added to her wardrobe.However while choosing a perfect gift; it is extremely important to evaluate the quality of the natural fresh water pearls. Grading of these pearl beads takes years of research, study and experience; however following tips can help you find best quality pearls for your lady:

Tip 1: The foremost thing to do is to decide the colour of pearls you want to purchase. This you can decide on the basis of her skin tone or according to the dress she is going to wear on the special occasion. Pearls are available in an assortment of colours, like pure white, ivory, soft pink and even black. However, low quality pearls or faux pearls are dyed to hide their imperfections. The best way to check their authenticity is to look around their drill holes. If they are fake and painted then you will be able to see irregular paint around the drill holes.

Tip 2: Natural pearls are naturally lustrous. The more it shines the more high quality it possesses. Look out for deep and natural lustre. Faux pearls lustre is chalky.

Tip 3: Pearls are available in various shapes: round, spherical, baroque and asymmetrical. Choose the shape you want to purchase according to her face shape and features. Buy symmetrical pearls rather than asymmetrical ones. Make sure that the pearls in the jewellery are identical in shape and size. They look more pleasing to the eyes and more aesthetic. Natural fresh water pearls are special because they are larger in size as they take more time in formation. Thus, choose the biggest size of the pearls that your pocket can afford.