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Kids Typing Games    by Ash Tan

in Education / Online Education    (submitted 2009-03-06)

BBC came out with a new interactive website made to provide kids typing games. The website not only provides kids typing games but also typing tutorials according to levels, typing tests and many more.

There are many software out there free and with a minimal fee. The price of purchase for kids typing software can be as little as $12. For the free ones available on websites, kids will need to have internet access.

Programs that are made to teach kids typing usually focuses on typing accuracy and typing speed. Sometimes the programs offers tutorials and learning lessons with history lessons, math and spelling. It helps the kids to learn other subjects as well to keep them interested.

Parents and schools should encourage kids typing lessons whether it is conducted at home, a private education center or as an extra subject in schools. It is shown that kids today are not bored easily with computers as there are a lot of features that they learn. Kids are even willing to spend extra time to use the compute, therefore kids typing classes should be able to embrace easily by the kids.

Kids typing skills are essential for them as a foundation as sooner or later, most of them are require to have some basic computer skills when they start to work. Kids typing skills help them to tackle their work faster and more efficiently leaving them more spare time to play.

Adults need to provide guidance to kids because typing for kids seems to be boring if they are not given the right program or environment to learn typing. At the end, leaving the kids to learn by themselves will only result to them typing with 2 fingers and face a big problem when finding the keys. This will deem to be inefficiently thus making them lose hope and enthusiasm.

Sometimes, the software application available comes with tools that are created to aid kids typing during their lesson with the program on the computer. It makes it more fun as not restrict them only to the keyboard. Kids will think that it is another toy to play with the computer and stay interested in their learning.

Although there are many free games or programs online that offers to teach kids typing skills, if it is under utilized, or has lack of variety, the kids will get bored easily and not learn to type will all their ten fingers. This will cause kids typing back with 2 fingers again.

There are many software applications available in the market. To make a good selection of games for your kids or pupils, you should look for applications that are user-friendly, have a comprehensive set of tutorials that have different levels of difficulty, the facilities to keep track and print scores. It would be a bonus if the program includes multiple scores for few people to have a bit of challenge.

With a bit of extra costs, there are many peripherals that can be bought to attach to the computer to help kids typing such as gloves that detects the lettering, speakers, or a specially designed keyboard for correct hand placement.