Learn How to Model Good Money-Saving Habits to Our Children

Do you believe that we model good money-saving habits to our children? If we keep on the way we are will our children learn responsible ownership, how to save money for emergencies and significant life events while keeping their spending habits in check?

Children today are bombarded by the media. They are spammed mercilessly. Unfortunately, many adults haven't figured out healthy money saving habits to counter act all this abuse and brainwashing. Children are programmed at every turn to spend more, want more and be entertained more.

I am so blessed to have learned money saving habits. It came after many years of a poverty mindset governing my life. Luckily the man whom I married was a generous provider as well as my own success through my home business. I learned that a poverty mindset is just as damaging to children as being spend-crazy and frivolous with money.

Living with not enough, without enjoying a sense of control and freedom over life, living with a sense of boredom, gloom and neglect because of poverty is very damaging. It is well documented that this affects a child's sense of self-esteem and their self-concept is compromised. The result - they often lie, steal and become delinquent as they get older, struggling to be heard and seen as valued members in our society.

Throw in some common addiction disorders stemming from influential peer groups in typical social settings and the results are inevitable - it will take years to clean up, repair and deprogram many young adult`s poor money-mindsets.

Even if we are fortunate to live a fun challenging middle class lifestyle, raising our children in big homes furnished with all the toys and luxuries that they have come to expect as owing to them, the debt incurred to live this way is sinful. (And I am not religious)

Economic times are not guaranteeing a better future for our children.

My purpose in life now, thorough my career is to help families turn their financial situation around through a home-business opportunity. Saving money is what I first get you started doing each month, as you pay your bills.

One bad habit I formed from my children's free education is that I didn't get in the mindset of saving for their adult education. Not to mention that my parents didn't save any money for all their five kids education.

The good news is that all this is repairable in us and our children. Saving money is possible effortlessly from home every time you pay your bills. Through my unique home-business opportunity, when you help others get started saving too, you immediately begin earning that much-needed extra income.

How do you teach your children to save? How well do your friends and family save? Do they overspend and borrow still or have they realized how important saving is and begun putting money away. Have you found a way of earning extra money so you can save extra money each month?