Make Fun Cash Saving Children

With all the rush to become healthier adults, there is one group of people that are suffering. The children in the Unites States are also alarming over weight. Parents have a hard time admitting that their kids have a problem. The cold hard truth is that parents are feeding their children more and more harmful fast food meals because they don't have the time to make a good healthy home cooked one. Along with the bad things we are putting in their mouths, we are also encouraging them to spend more time indoors sitting in front of the television.

Something has to be done to change the horrible pattern that we are in. If you are looking for a way to make money, then why do you not become that person. The biggest journeys start with a single step. Advertise yourself as a child's trainer.

No I don't mean that you are going to take them to the gym. Start an outside day camp. Organize games and hikes. Make it fun so that the kids do not think they are being punished.