Save Children From Psychiatry and Drugs

On checking Google there were found to be 12,400,000 entries of queries regarding "Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs" and 2,730,000 concerned entries under the "Danger of Psychiatric Drugs for Children." The wrongs in relation to diagnosing, prescribing and offering psychiatric drug treatment is beginning to be recognized in a wide sphere of the community both in America and other western countries.

That children who are boisterous and undisciplined are at risk of being mistakenly diagnosed as having brain or mental disease conditions that must be corrected by chemical injection of psychiatric drugs into their immature bodies is unacceptable. Yet this is said to be happening with many cases of infants being diagnosed with bipolar disease and medicated even before their bodies and psychological patterns have matured. There are many such cases where the consequence of drug treatment is far worse than any original symptoms.

There is a legitimate complaint from the teaching profession that behavioral problems of some students make teaching efforts a nightmare. It is overlooked that the problem with many negative behavioral irregularities can be traced back to lack of discipline and lack of parental guidance.

At what point do we draw the line at what is normal and when to have a psychiatrist prescribe medication regardless of parental consent. This is an issue threatening to become legislated in Britain. If it is passed, then it will place parents who oppose the treatment to be open to fines or charged, according to one report. This would mean parental authority is completely over-ruled in matters of health. It would represent the thin edge of a wedge that could change forever the social structure and family care system that has existed up to this point. And where does the family doctor stand in this possible situation?