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Sea Water Treatment-transformation to fresh water for various human use including irrigation and use in commercial sectors - Health - Supplements and Vitamins

Sea Water Treatment-transformation to fresh water for various human use including irrigation and use in commercial sectors   by Avinash

in Health / Supplements and Vitamins    (submitted 2012-02-29)

Water purification becomes essential in any type of circumstances and needs and it ensures good health in one hand and other benefits on the other. The process is beneficial because its cost effective at the very outset, it has lower cost than bottled water, it is much better for the environment, completely scalable and lastly it is natural and organic. The Sea Water Treatment is necessary to remove the salt and other mineral element from the saline water.

The salt water is desalinated in order to produce fresh water for human consumption or irrigation. A potential byproduct of this process is the table salt. This process is carried on in many sea going ships and submarines. The ultimate motive of desalination is to find the most cost effective way to transform seawater to fresh water for human use.

Brackish Water RO, is the particular technology that removes salt, organic chemicals, impurities and other contaminants from water to purify it. It is also referred to as hyper filteration.The process has the ability to reject bacteria, sugars, protein, dyes and other constituents that have molecular weight more than 150-250 Daltons.

This system is used worldwide and specially in those regions where clear potable water is scarce. It is just ideal for food and beverage industries, agriculture, hotels and resorts and hospitals. The design of Water purification plant varies as per the specific requirements. The various types are osmosis plants, water filter plants, water treatment chemicals, mineral water plant, water softening plants and water filter ctridges.Pressure filters are used for small for treatment palnts.The objective is to improve the quality of life through proper filteration.The stringent quality control measures the optimum level of purification in the plants.

Grey water can be termed as domestic waste water production excluding sewage, because the later has more organic loading. Grey water treatment is necessary to put the waste water in to proper human use. These uses include water needed for laundry and toilet flushing and also for irrigation. The treated water can be used with respect to irrigation for food non food plants. The various benefits of use of treated grey water are the need of fresh water is reduced and it has positive results with respect to public demands and it checks the entry of waste water in the sewers.

Reverse osmosis is a particular method where large molecules and ions are removed from solutions by applying pressure to the solutions. The external pressure is used so that natural flow of pure solvent. The process is similar to other membrane applications.

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