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Summer Time - Fresh Water For Your Horse

When temperatures rise, the first thing horsemen and horsewomen most often do is hang an extra water bucket in their horse's stall. This is good practice, but only if careful attention is paid. A horse will usually have a preference water bucket and will drink from it almost exclusively and use the second bucket only when their favorite one is empty. Horses need fresh water and the glitch with that second water bucket is if it's full, it can very easily sit for days before it is dumped and freshened.

Worse, if it is only half full or slightly used and the person watering just keeps topping it off. It can go days or even weeks and not be completely fresh. The water will sour and by then the horse will only drink from that extra water bucket as a last resort.

Fresh cool water during hot summer days and nights, is just about the kindest thing you can do for your horse. If they could talk they would agree. I'm not saying you are to run out to the barn five times a day to give your horse fresh water. I am suggesting you take every opportunity to freshen the water whenever possible. It there's only an inch or two of water left in the bucket when you go out to water, dump the bucket and start fresh.

Horses that dunk their hay or rinse their mouths when eating their grain need extra attention. Their water buckets won't take long at all in summer to sour. If you are in your barn at least three or four times a day, then one water bucket will probably do. If not, and the horses are only fed and watered twice a day, you need to hang that extra water bucket and keep both buckets filled with fresh water.