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Tips To Save Children From Drowning In Pool   by Sight2Site Media

in Business / Management    (submitted 2012-03-03)

We all adore children. Every now and then, we enjoy playing and spending time with them in the pool. However, if not supervised, swimming pools can easily become a death trap for young ones. If you don't know how to save your kids from such tragic accidents, read on.

Safety, be it in pool or otherwise, is paramount for protection of any child. Drowning is easily a leading reason of deaths recorded among infants and toddlers in residential areas. This figure surprisingly exceeds freak accidents happening outside of the home. Most adults take extra precautions when visiting natural water bodies. But when it comes to their swimming pools, adults tend to compromise on safety issues, resorting to the fact that children are safer at home than outside.

Children, be they your own or otherwise, should never be left unsupervised. This especially holds true when they are near a water body, whether residential like swimming pool and spa or natural like pond or river. It takes only five minutes for water to cause brain damage and in worst cases death. It doesn't matter how responsible or vigilant the parents are, the fact of the matter is, even they can lose track of children sometime. More than half of all deaths reported in pools, have been cases where parents left their children unattended for only a few minutes.

As a responsible parent, it becomes your duty to save your kids from losing their lives to such unfortunate accidents. Here's a list of basic things that parents should always do when it comes to child safety:

Educate the Children

Education is important. Children should never be taught or allowed to dive into a pool, not until their parents are convinced they know how to swim. Diving into the shallow area of the pool is dangerous. It can result in your child's head colliding with base of the pool that might make them unconscious underwater. If children don't know how to swim, diving into deeper areas can be equally dangerous. In both cases if not spotted in time, it can lead to serious submersion injuries. One must teach their kids not to swim during lightning and thunderstorms. Since water happens to be a good conductor of electricity, there is a healthy chance that a nearby lightning strike could injure or kill someone in the pool. For the same reason, one must never keep any type of electrical cords near the pool.

Keep Everything Closely

There must be a wireless phone near the pool that cuts down the chances of parents running indoors to receive a phone call, leaving their kids behind unattended. If the parents are not around, they must ensure that an adult is always present to supervise their kids when they are enjoying themselves in the pool. There should always be a first aid box nearby for emergency cases. Parents must always keep their children within their sight. When children are in the pool large floating toys must be kept out of the pool, as they block the view.

Install Pool Safe Products

Products like pool fence, pool covers, pool gates and pool alarms are available for purchase in great multitude. They can be installed separately or in combination to give added security to the children. Biggest plus of installing them is that, they keep the kids away from water, even when the parents aren't around to keep an eye on the kids. Installing these pool safety products is really helpful, if both parents are working full time. When it comes to child safety pool fence is often your first line of defense.

Every parent with a pool and young ones at home must take special note of the points made above. Most will agree that when it comes to child's safety, it's always better to be safe than sorry.