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water Safety Red Light Wins Fresh Water Machine Water Dispenser - News - Business News

"water Safety" Red Light Wins Fresh Water Machine Water Dispenser   by hi joiney

in News / Business News    (submitted 2010-09-18)

With the worsening environmental pollution, people's "water security" red light, which is people's health, fashion, clearly runs counter to the pursuit of life. Thus, "water appliances" came into being, after years of operation, drum

Drinking Once the darling of the market. In 2003, the National Drinking

Sell Capacity of 11 million units, reaching the historical peak of the industry.

However, on the "black heart of water," "black heart bucket" in the media often found in newspapers. Same boat, and, since 2004, the National Drinking size of the market into the stable stage. Drinking stagnant market for

Pure water machine The popularity has opened up market opportunities.

Coley specializes in Southern home-type pure water machine manufacturing enterprise, the product should have a very good development prospects. Unfortunately, the business since its inception, sales have been unsatisfactory. Product to get accredited agents, but can not be sold Shique consumer recognition.

Dealers The inability to sell, resulting in the production of basic standstill. So what causes such a market situation? October 2005, the author invited to carry out a market consultation.

Lock competitors?? Drinking As pure water machine is the water entering the home to achieve all the cleaning, then the consumer to know whether the water consumption of machine consciousness. Based on the above issues, conducted research.

Questionnaire include the following: whether you are drinking pure water? Which way to get you through the pure water? Water came out from the water plant, in the transportation process would be subjected to secondary pollution, you know? Are you willing to carry out all home water purification? You know that pure water machine? You know the pure water machine use? If a product can all tap water in your home to purify you want to buy this product? If you buy this product, you can afford the price?

Through the 1000 sample survey found that the target consumer group, the access to clean water means there are two: First, in the supermarket to buy bottled pure water, the other is to buy water dispenser. While 87% would choose the latter solution. The water dispenser is confidential the development of consumer groups, customers!

We find similar products available in the market do not pose competition?? The reason is simple, the market is not working well. And after many years of operation, water dispenser has a very mature product, consumer awareness is 100%, that the ratio of pure water machine has less than 10%. Therefore, the real competitors, but is most commonly used water dispenser!

On this basis, we conducted product research, both products of their characteristics are as follows. (See table below)