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When parents take their children to visit the Expo   by gaomeng

in Publishing    (submitted 2010-08-24)

When parents take their children to visit the Expo, be sure to do the "homework". In the Park, we often find people on hear broadcast information after entering garden madaha parents, for a while, even babies are lost. In fact, just before going to produce a "identity card" of the child's neck, you can avoid the "ion powder". It must prepare a contact card, write down the names of the guardian, telephone (mobile phone), placed on the child's clothes, pocket or backpack. Before starting on the day of the query. If you are going to make Sun sunny sunstroke, if it is a rainy day is about to take an umbrella, rain and lightning.

Let the children put on light, thin, breathable, comfortable clothes, to Sun and heat stroke; the children prepare a top of the visor with which; try not to get in the 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. between exposure to the Sun, the Sun's UV rays are the most intense; children wear sunglasses for children; children painted UV protective life (UVA) and ultraviolet (UVB) outdoors good sunscreen, paying special attention to the face, hands, legs, etc directly exposed to sunlight. Prepare a backpack, placed an additional set of clothes or wipe sweat towel, SOAP, high-calorie food and a first-aid kit. In order to handle possible scratches, Burns, first-aid kit containing some chuangketie, sterile gauze, or even can prepare some antiseptic ointment and sterile tissue. If your child has asthma and other chronic diseases, you should bring a first aid drugs and inhalers in Replica Handbags etc. At the same time also need to bring a backpack in a bottle with strong sunscreen. If you play at night, it is best to prepare for anti-mosquito agents or insect repellents.

Recommend a taxi instead of the bus to go from upcoming visits arenas recently entrance into the Park, and within walking of the outdoors for a long time, this can save time and strength. If the child is 6 years of age, you can bring a stroller, or in the Park at the entrance to rent strollers. After entering the Park, into a venue tour, and children are familiar with the Park site environment, if missing or lost where to find help. If the child to find the identity of the "information" and to seek help, or to the agreed place beforehand. If you and the children had not agreed to join the site, to teach children to identify people who can help, such as the Expo staff, volunteers, or the police, etc; teach children to read and memorize their wear, teach your children to these trusted professionals seeking help, not to find a stranger.

Teach children to identify the different identity, in particular the general traffic signs and common security identity, such as "emergency exit" and a dangerous and "dangerous" depth, etc. Recently, the concept of unexpected trauma in children significantly increased, mainly concentrated in the fall, sprain, even such trauma fracture. In General, a trauma in the morning at the beginning of the Park, to get an appointment can be supplied with high-speed Replica Handbags running, coupons and fell, many children because of fatigue caused hadn't fallen, trauma, especially children in other cities. Therefore, remind parents, do not let children run in the Park. If a child is ill, stop visiting. Queued before, you can remind the children go to WC first, and then to queue. Queued tell kids went too far, to remain in your view. Remind them to be quiet when in line, and in order.